Lady in Ermine: The Story of a Woman Who Painted The Renaissance

“…smart, sexy and surprising!”

“Well-drawn characters, dialogue, and a cinematic feel that give us a rich vision of the Renaissance.”

History comes dramatically alive as we journey through the Renaissance with Sofonisba Anguissola.

With Michelangelo as her mentor and her father as her champion, Sofonisba dreams of painting the most powerful people in Europe.

Through royal intrigue, artistic toil, romance and hardship, we see the soul of the artist come alive as she struggles to realize her dreams against the backdrop of patriarchal Europe.

Lady in Ermine by Donna DiGiuseppe captures what it was like to be a woman of ambition in the Renaissance and the priceless legacy of her life and works.

For film and television adaptation contact: Susan Grant / Grant, Savic, Kopaloff & Associates (323)782-1854

”Congratulations on bringing Sofonisba to life!!! I just finished reading LADY IN ERMINE and truly loved it! Captivating and jam packed with history. I truly hope this gets made into a mini series! ”

– Patricia Olsen (Marin, California)

Lady in Ermine: The Story of a Woman Who Painted the Renaissance original book cover from Bagwyn Books.