Sofonisba and her Portrait of Philip II, King of Spain

On this day, October 21st, in 1561, Sofonisba sent her regrets to Bernardino Campi, “Molto Magnifico Signor Bernardino,” her first trainer, explaining that she could not yet send him a portrait of the king. “Non posso al presente servirlo, come saria mio desiderio.” She was occupied painting the king’s sister Juana and Queen Isabel. In addition, she was busy with the queen who was eager to learn, “vuol gran parte del tempo per lei per dipingere.” Cremona Catalogue, (1994, p 89). 

These events are reflected in Part II of Lady in Ermine (1560-1572).

Looking forward to the Sofonisba exhibit at the Prado Museum in Madrid opening October 22, 2019.

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