Master Sofonisba Anguissola

In honor of Sofonisba’s newly recognized accomplishments and the Prado exhibition of her work, I would like to present her Boy Bitten (drawn for Michelangelo) and her Girl Laughing next to each other to accentuate Sofonisba’s effort. She conceived of these close in time and the figures and positioning show how she experimented with subtle changes. Sofonisba truly was a master Renaissance painter like her mentor Michelangelo. (Chapter 5 of Lady in Ermine).

We are so privileged to recognize her talent and effort now.

2 responses to “Master Sofonisba Anguissola”

    • Nice question. I wish I could answer it. I do not know. If you find out, will you please send me the answer? I would love to know. There is so very much to Sofonisba’s life. I could continue researching for the rest of my own life and still have material yet to work on. Thanks for your curiosity.


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